St. Erkenwald

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It is not every town that has its own special Saint. Barking has two Saints of its own

- St Erkenwald and his sister St Ethelburga. A Saxon prince, Erkenwald founded the Abbey

in Barking in the 7th century, putting Ethelburga in charge. 

His reputation spread and, in 675 Erkenwald became Bishop of London. He was a popular Bishop who finally died in Barking in 693 and was enshrined in St Paul's Cathedral.

Over the centuries, the Abbey grew and prospered, until Henry VIII dissolved it,

almost 900 years later.

When planning a new church for the houses around Faircross and Upney,

we looked to our local Christian heritage to find a Saint to whom the church would be dedicated. Erkenwald was the obvious choice. In November 1955, St.Erkenwald's Church

in Levett Road was consecrated by the Bishop of Chelmsford, and has now been worshipped in for more than 60 years.

Our Identity

We are Biblically rooted, Spirit led and Community minded people of God. 

We believe St Erkenwald's is called to be a:

Welcoming Community
Worshipping Community
Witnessing Community
  • A church that celebrates diversity, a church for all nations

  • Offering a safe place for the vulnerable

  • A community hub where people can get connected

  • A church where people can encounter God through prayer, the Bible, worship and listening to His voice

  • A church which helps people to worship God in freedom and grow in the knowledge of God

  • A church that puts God first in everything and our lives reflect His kingdom

  • A church that exists to bring and share the Good News of Jesus' life, death and resurrection

  • A church where people find encouragement and resource to live out their Christian faith

  • church buildings being used for both worship and mission

Meet The Team

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Revd Young Lee

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Gill Eaton

Church warden

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Gerhard Marais

Church warden

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Deborah Powell

Parish Administrator



Sue Poole

Parish Safeguarding Officer


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St Erkenwald's PCC

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Tracy, David,

Frances, Yvonne,

Caroline and Theresa

FMT (Focal Ministry Team)

Georgina, Bill, Karen

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