Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for our church

Guidance for churches

Our parish follow the guidance from the Church of England. 

You can find

  • General guidance and update from the Government and Public Health England

  • FAQS

  • Digital Resources

  • Prayer and Liturgy 

on the link below

Our services and activities

Sunday Service

  • Our public worship will be resumed on 2nd December. However, there are certain rules and restrictions while you are in the building according to the government's guidelines. 

  • While we are having the public worship in the building we will run Online Live Streaming service on Youtube at the same time. 

Cancelled Activities [UPDATE]

  • We stop running Stay & Play (weekly toddler play group) and Who Let the Dad Out

  • Although our public worship is resumed there will be no children's school or provision and no refreshments

Please find our Parish Continuity Plan 

How we might respond to

This is a very helpful article written by Graham Tomlin, former St Mellitus College principle and current Bishop of Kensington. Please find his thoughts on how churches might respond to Coronavirus.