The familiar offertory response "All things come from you, and of your own do we give you" reminds us that all that we have is sourced from God's provision. We are encouraged to give of time, skills and money to support the work of the church and that of other charities that build God's kingdom. Being good stewards requires us to decide what we will do with all that God has entrusted to us.

Quick Guide to Giving

Throughout the ages Christians have learnt seven key truths about our stewardship and financial giving


Sharing our lives with each other is a key part of our response and central to our faith. You can find various ministries that require volunteers if you follow the link below. If you are interested in any ministry please speak to Revd Young


You can give by what we call 'Planned Giving' or you can put cash in the plate each time you come to church (called 'unplanned'). Please follow the link below for more information 


Take a moment to consider what you give now. What changes do you need to make to share life and give hope? What does that tell you about changes you need to make? Thank you for your prayer, time, gift and financial giving. May God bless you with His generosity. 

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