How Can I Give

You can give by what we call ‘Planned Giving’ or you can put cash on the plate each time you come to church (called ‘unplanned’). Of course, we welcome all giving, but Planned Giving is really helpful to us. You might also be aware of a scheme called Gift Aid: if you pay tax, then as a charity we can claim back from the government the tax you have already paid on the money you give. It makes a big difference, for each £10 given we can claim back an extra £2.50.


  1. Unplanned Giving


  • On the collection plate each week -  we welcome all that people give. Cash in the plate used to mean we lose out because we couldn’t claim tax back on random donation but now we can claim a Gift-Aid through Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme.


  • Cash or Cheque in the offering envelopes – these are an excellent way of putting a cash amount in each week. If you are on no/low income or your income varies significantly these can be very helpful.

  • Online Giving or Card Machine at church – during the pandemic we are limited to handling cash. Therefore, paying by a bank card via the card machine in the church or making an online giving on our website is strongly recommended.


  2. Planned Giving

  • Via the weekly envelope scheme – this is a more organized version of the offering envelopes mentioned above. You receive a box of date-marked envelopes each year in which you bring the money week by week. If you can let the treasurer (we don’t have an official treasurer at the moment but our warden, Yvonne has been covering the treasurer role) know what you intend to give each week, that helps us even more. If you use this way of giving please ensure you bring the envelopes for times you can’t attend. This method can suit those on variable or low incomes as you have much more ability to vary the amount to suit your circumstances.


  • Through standing order at the bank – this enables you to give a fixed amount each month which can also be Gift Aided. People on a regular income often find this the easiest way of giving for them. It is also excellent for us as we can plan our budget more carefully.


You can give online here: Click below box or scan the QR code

Online Giving QR Code.png

Standing Order

You can easily set up a standing order at your local bank or online with these details 

Bank: Barclays Bank   

A/C name: St.Erkenwald's P.C.C

S/C: 20-72-91     A/C: 70781991

Ref: Your first name and initial