Hope 4 Barking Dagenham


We are part of 'Hope 4 Barking Dagenham' which provides support for people in our community that have become homeless, maybe on release from prison, perhaps through relationship breakups. 

We aim to provide a place of refuge, to assist with counselling and guidance and help people get back on track with their lives. 

Contact Details: 

The Source, 37A Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, Barking, 

Essex, IG11 8DQ

Night Shelter Enquiries: 

Emma Simmonds - 07769118686

Email: h4bdnightshelter@outlook.com



  • Ring Emma

  • A PNC check will then be made (to screen out guests with extreme violence or sexual offenses). Specific details will not be shared. 

Night Shelter Routine

  • Meet at Night Shelter Church at 7pm for free meal provided by Church volunteers

  • Basic mattresses on floor, washing and toilet facilities (shower provided by the church)

  • Tea, coffee and breakfast provided

  • Chat, play chess, cards and table tennis

  • Manned by Night Shelter Manager & volunteer

  • Lights out by 11pm, wake up 7am, breakfast, tidy up and leave at 8am