Teen Prayer Group

Bible verse 
for 2022

"Open your mouth wide, I will fill it."
(Psalm 81:10) 

This statement implies several things - dependency, faith, trust and an act of obedience on our part.


On God's part, it implies commitment, faithfulness and provision. Think of a nest of hungry baby birds. They are dependant on their mother and Father. They expect Mum and Dad to provide food for them on a regular basis. When they see Mum and Dad, they immediately open their mouths wide - they usually have really big mouths for the size of their little, featherless bodies - and wait expectantly for their needs to be met. They have faith in their parents to regularly and promptly fill their mouths with everything they need.


In this verse, you see Father God's promise to you and His desire for you. He wants to fill you; he wants to satisfy you. He is not holding back from you, depriving you, or taking away from you. He desires to do nothing but bless you!


In order to have your mouth filled by the Lord, you need to do something. "Open your mouth" implies that you have to do something to make a way for God to bless you, and the way you open yourself up for a blessing is by praying - deeper listening to God, deeper relationship with Jesus and deeper obedience to the Spirit.

I would like to commit this year, a year of prayer starting from a month of prayer in January. Every evening we commit ourselves to pray for an hour at 8pm. There is no agenda but just listening to God. 

As we pray, as we seek his face, let's see what God can do and what God will do for you. Brothers and sisters, let's open our mouth wide and see what God will fulfil in your life and in our ministry. 

With love and prayers, 

Revd Young Lee 

Woman Praying